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We are working on new mediums and new technology. Watch our year-end announcement to learn more.

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A New Journey Through an Ancient Story

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Discover a new paradigm for reading the Bible. Develop skills to read the Bible as literary art. Find Jesus in every page.

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Become a student of Scripture with our free, self-paced online Bible classes. The Bible is brilliantly crafted, and there’s always something new to learn.

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We make short, visual explainer videos that explore the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.

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Join hundreds of thousands of weekly listeners for accessible conversations on biblical theology with Jon, Tim, and Carissa.

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Related Resources

Related Resources

Are you a Bible nerd? Our blog posts are an easily digestible resource perfect for personal study, and our Bible Studies help group leaders facilitate discussions. If you want to explore even more, Study Notes dive deep into the ideas in our videos.


We Are Fully Crowd Funded

Generous BibleProject supporters from around the world allow us to offer all of our resources for free. You are building this project with us.

We started this project with two videos and an invitation. We asked people like you to help us make more videos. And the response was astounding! As our supporters gave generously, our vision grew with more videos, new resources, and big dreams of reaching people everywhere with the unified story of Jesus. We are humbled every day by the generosity that builds BibleProject, and we’re grateful to do work that helps people experience the biblical story in a fresh way. Thank you for joining us then and now!

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